Simulated Queues of the Election in Vienna
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Simulated Queues of the Election in Vienna

This data can be used to recreate the findings in the publication How an election can be safely planned and conducted during a pandemic: Decision support based on a discrete event model.

This CSV denotes the maximum queue, that appears throughout the day in front of a polling station, according to our simulations.

The rows denote the identifier number of the polling stations, where the first two digits denote the district in Vienna (01-23). (See also, for example, "21. Bezirk, Sprengel 119" would have the identifier number 21119)

The columns denote the simulated scenario, equivalent to the scenarios described in the paper. The varied values are: Voter turnout (vt), Number of postal votes (pv), Voters with limited mobility (dp), Additional polling booths (ab) and Hygiene scenario (m), followed by the value, the parameters are separated by _